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The stretch between the two piers

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Here are a few examples of what you might like to enjoy together when dating in Brighton.


The Komedia is the classic place to head for comedy, it also has cabaret, music and theatre and is located in the trendy North Laine area of Brighton so its surrounded by excellent places to eat, drink and shop perfect for dating in Brighton.With one of the liveliest and most creative communities in the country, the prospect of dating in Brighton really does present an embarrassment of riches. This Brighton dating location is perfect for a more sophisticated or high octane night out.
. The stretch between the two piers is perfect for dating in Brighton on sunny afternoons, with bars and cafes all the way along, and the beach itself fills with people on the sunniest days of the year. Wander up the wooden decking with something sugary and, when you get to the end, jump on some of the fairground rides the old helter skelter overlooks the sea and on the Crazy Mouse rollercoaster you can cosy up to comfort your dating partner if they get scared!

Brighton Dome

The Brighton Dome (no relation whatsoever to the London Dome), is an attractive arts venue on the grounds of the Pavilion which holds top notch comedy and pop music gigs as well as classical concerts all year round. These days you can pay Hot Stamping Adhesive to walk around inside but a simple lounge the gardens is a splendid way to while away a summer day with the person you are dating. But take the pier for what it is a mildly tasteless fun house in the sea and there is plenty going for this Brighton landmark. The wildly ornate Pavilion, inspired by Indian architecture, was built in the 19th century as a retreat for the Prince Regent, whose physician had advised him that the seawater would improve his gout. If youre dating in Brighton you are bound to come across plenty of quirky locations and this is no exception.

Beaches / Promenade

Brightons beachfront is the place to head for some of the citys best nightlife; its also a lovely area to stroll and enjoy during the day.

Brighton Pier

The Palace Pier will always conjure up mixed emotions among Brighton residents, what with its gaudy casinos and extortionate candy floss booths.

Royal Pavilion

If you want to get a proper feel for Brightons Regency heritage then The Royal Pavilion is a good place to start. With one of the countrys best beachfronts and a centre made for great shopping and great fun, Brighton has so much to offer you and your dating partner. Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd have all performed at the Brighton Dome in the past, and it famously staged the Eurovision Song Contest of 1974 where ABBA won for Sweden with Waterloo. Head to the area earlier on for a look around one of the best bohemian shopping districts in the UK, and stay for a couple of drinks and a show here or, for a West End style experience, at the Theatre Royal down the road.